We Are Presbyterian Christians

 We belong to what is called the Reformed tradition among Christian denominations. We are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) which is the oldest and largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States tracing our heritage to 1706 with the establishment of the first presbytery in the American colonies.  As members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we are also a part of the regional body, Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery. Barnwell Presbyterian Church had its beginning in approximately 1832. The present church facilities were constructed in 1967. The original sanctuary stands on the same block as the church and now serves as the Barnwell Circle Theater. The Presbyterian Church of Barnwell has been a part of the Barnwell Community for more than 175 years. 

As Presbyterian or Reformed Christians the Bible is the primary source both of what we believe and how we structure our individual and corporate lives. Secondary to the Bible are the eleven Creeds or Confessions through which God's people in a variety of times and circumstances have sought to proclaim to the world who the church it, what we believe, and what we resolve to do in light of the biblical witness. 

Central to the Reformed or Presbyterian tradition is the affirmation of the majesty, holiness and providence of God who creates, sustains, rules and redeems the world in the freedom of sovereign love and righteousness. Other themes related to this central affirmation are:
  • The Word of God to us in the Bible is the foundation upon which our faith and practice are founded.
  • We are saved by the grace through faith. 
  • Our salvation is not only for privilege but also for service.
  • To be a Christian is to be joined to the body of Christ, the Church.
  • We are called to be faithful stewards of all of the gifts God has bestowed upon us, including the gift of God's creation.
  • We recognize the power of sin in human life, a power that spreads across the face of the earth distorting not only individual lives but the life of communities and cultures. The church is called to seek the transformation of human life by seeking justice, living in obedience to the Word of God, and showing and sharing God's redemptive and reconciling love in Jesus Christ.